the 30 & over project: Health In Our 30’s: A Supermodel Speaks About Fibroids

Supermodel Beverly Johnson has made it her new mission to speak to women about uterine fibroids, about the procedures available to treat fibroids, and what she calls the 4 in 4 Plan (see CNN video). The 4 in 4 Plan consists of the four questions we should be asking our doctors and that we should be telling four women to get examined for fibroids. According to Johnson, the onset of fibroids for some women is between age 30 and 55. As women in our 30’s this video should encourage us to get checked out and as Ms. Johnson says, pass this video on to four more women. If I’m passing it to you, you are one of my 4 in 4. And any man viewing this, pass it along as well.


(CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield interviews Supermodel Beverly Johnson)

Embedded video from CNN Video

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