the 30 & over project: Is DIY in your DNA?

the 30 & over project: Back in the day girls/boys/women/men, had to learn certain DIY skills like home decor, furniture, clothes, food, etc. in addition to how to fix things (which I think is a lost art on our young men).  For some it was all about survival, for us, not so much anymore.  Home Ec was also a required class for some of us, even up until the mid-90s. Some argue that it should return to education (I agree) and DIY is making a comeback.   My grandmother and my father both taught me how to crochet as well as some sewing (the basics). My mother showed me some of the basics of cooking, however, while I think I do well,  I don’t think I will ever get to her level in the kitchen (I bow down).  Most recently, I have been exploring my own DIY skills of greeting cards, jewelry, and I would like to learn more sewing techniques (besides just being able to sew a button back onto a shirt. LOL).  I would like to know from you, Is there a skill you wish you had learned when you were young that you would like to learn today?

What skill do you wish you had learned long ago?

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