#BlackPearlsDaily (daily affirmation): Self-Image

Self images acrylic

Image by Clair Graubner via Flickr

#BlackPearlsDaily – January 22 – Self-Image

“I was always told I was the ugliest. That I was the dumbest. I was the blackest. That I would never be anything. My sister was much ligher than me, thin lips.  I got the thick lips, the orange hair. I got all the beatings.” – Bertha Gilkey

DAILY PROMPT: On this day, I will take five minutes to note some of my good qualities. I will write these down and glance at my note throughout the day. (excerpt from Black Pearls by Eric V. Copage)

Have a Great Day Everyone!

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Black Pearls - Daily Affirmations by Eric V. Copage

One thought on “#BlackPearlsDaily (daily affirmation): Self-Image

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