eat.write: common sense tips for healthy eating (#Fitness2012)

As we all know, the new year brings about all kinds of tips and lists for how to make our lives better to extend our longevity throughout the next year.  And as we grow older, this becomes even more important. If we are 30 and over, no longer can we just eat pizza and/or ramen every night like a college student and be okay the next morning and when we don’t follow a daily routine nowadays, our non-twenty-something bodies feel the after affects easily.

Recently, read a list of  of tips for healthy eating, that for all intensive purposes, seems to be something we should all

Eat Your Breakfast!

know and seems like common sense. However, as we all know, as we deal with the hustle and bustle of daily life, we develop not so good habits that can be detrimental to us as we get older and if we would just remember these 5 tips, we would be okay:

1)  Eat Breakfast – Easy right? But you would be surprised how many of us don’t eat breakfast and how many of us end up overeating throughout the day.  A few years ago, I was guilty of skipping this most important meal of the day, but as I get older, my body has to have it or my whole day will be thrown off.  I’m a grazer, so a healthy breakfast helps me get started.

2) Plate Proportions – We all know we need to eat our fruits and vegetables, but do we know how much we are supposed to really eat?  Well the recommendation is that we fill half our plates with veggies and fruit and the other half with whole grains and lean proteins like fish, chicken, or beans.  That seems easy enough right?  I think I actually do this already but I think I definitely need to put more aforethought into it.  Also, I recently ran across a dishware line called Slimware ( which has pre-positioned designs on the plates (very pretty I might add) that signify where you are to place your food portions and how much.  The designs actually remind me of those psychological blotch tests they used to give you in grade school to figure out if you had some issues. Well, I would say that the designer of these plates know we have issues with food proportion and have cleverly created a way to help us avoid overeating on an enjoyable platter.

3) Somewhere Over The Rainbow – How many of us concentrate on the color of our food? Well, it’s recommended that we feverishly chase the rainbow by filling up on dark and colorful vegetables which tend to have more nutrients. Recommendations include blueberries (blue of course), kale (or some good old collard greens), or sweet potatoes (orange), just to name a few. I will admit I don’t always aim for color, but I can definitely work harder to increase my color pallette when it comes to my vegetable intake.

4) Supersize Me! (NOT) – So, we all know how easy it is to ask for an upgrade on that value meal when we are on the go and running through the drive thru to grab a quick bite.  Well, the phenomenon known as “supersizing” is definitely NOT recommended when you are trying to maintain a healthy eating regimen. So whether it’s a quick bite or a homemade meal, we should avoid super-large portions of anything. And if you are cooking a “pound” of anything, like meat or pasta, you shouldn’t be eating the entire portion in one sitting (if you are eating by yourself), and if you have a family, you should be able to serve about 4 people on one meal.

5) Make A List, Check It Twice – We should make a shopping list before we head out to get groceries. It helps cut down on impulse buying and helps you stay within your budget. You also avoid processed foods – fresh is best. I always make a list before I hit the supermarket. Believe me it helps.

Have A Great Day Everyone!


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farmer's market shopping - fresh food vs. processed


One thought on “eat.write: common sense tips for healthy eating (#Fitness2012)

  1. These are great tips. I also think eating before you go to the grocery store helps me not make poor nutrition choices. If I’m too hungry when I go shopping I end up getting all the foods that I’ve craving (like cookies! :P)

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