media.think: Yes WE Can Do Non-Violent Protest! Images and Articles from around the Web, #TrayvonMartin Million Hoodie March

I have been so moved at how grassroots and organic the movement to bring about justice for the senseless death of 17-year old #TrayvonMartin on February 26, 2012 has been. Despite this tragedy, I’m so proud of America right now because, in the footsteps of our ancestors and all of those who fought for justice before us, in my mind, the fight for Civil Rights has officially been passed to a new generation.  And who would have thought that, in 2012, in America, we would be dealing with another “Emmitt Till” like case, the case of a young Black boy who 56 years ago, made the fatal mistake of whistling at a white woman, a social taboo in those days, and who was brutally and violently murdered, just for being Black, much like Trayvon Martin.

Luckily, in the memory of Trayvon Martin and all of the other Black men who have died at the hands of vigilantes, people all across the world have been able to pull together in a peaceful protest both online through Social Media, raising our voices for justice and during the quickly organized, Million Hoodie March that took place in New York City on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. But let’s not dismiss angry protest, which is, as times, warranted and necessary, such as the L.A. Riots that ironically, also took place in the spring of 1992, protesting the acquittal of police officers in the brutal beating of Rodney King, that was also caught on tape, much like the death of Trayvon Martin was caught on audio tape and like the global protests that have recently occurred in countries like Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc. — Because in some instances, we can’t help but be angry and sometimes that anger has nowhere else to spill over, other than into the streets.

But in this case, we refrained and remained non-violent so as to bring about what will hopefully result in an arrest of George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin.

Here are some very powerful images and links to articles I found around Facebook, CNN, Huffington Post, and other sites that were taken and written following The Million Hoodie March. Please share with others:

Huffington Post has a fantastic one-stop shop for all stories/photos related to #TrayvonMartin:

An Open Letter to George Zimmerman by Tara Pringle Jefferson – From

The #TrayvonMartin Case – Timeline of Events from

#MillionHoodieMarch Photos from Huffington Post:

image from HuffPost - powerful image of a white woman holding a sign that says "Arrest Zimmerman"

image from HuffPost - #TrayvonMartin's parents at Million Hoodie March

image from HuffPost - Sign - "We Are Trayvon Martin"

image from HuffPost - powerful image of White man asking wearing a sign saying "They Never Stop and Frisk Old White Guys Like Me"

#MillionHoodieMarch Photos from various Facebook Resources:

image from Black & Missing Facebook Page - Million Hoodie March

powerful image from random friend's page on Facebook

NY Times - Thursday, March 25, cover page - Million Hoodie March

powerful image of peaceful protest from the Black & Missing Facebook Page

#MillionHoodieMarch Photos – Marian Wright Edelman, Director of The Children’s Defense Fund in her Hoodie:

And Read Her Article: Walking While Black,

image from HuffPost - Marian Wright Edelman - Director of Children's Defense Fund - In her Hoodie

#MillionHoodieMarch – Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

Facebook Image - Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm showing her support for #TheMillionHoodieMarch










Other images from across the internet that show the compare and contrast of the #TrayvonMartin case:

And Read This Article: From Dominion of New York, 56 Years Later, American Gets New Emmett Till…Trayvon Martin

image from Facebook - Side By Side of #TrayvonMartin and #EmmettTill (killed violently 56 years ago for whistling at a white woman; his mother had an open casket so the world could view the violence that took place on his body)











Rodney King – 20 Years Later – – Rodney King

image from - Rodney King - 20 Years Later

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