the 30 & Over project: Spring Cleaning

Dishwasher, open and loaded with dishes

Dishwasher, open and loaded with dishes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we breeze through spring, dealing with all of the sporadic weather and prepping for weddings, graduations, and other celebrations, many of us also practice that time honored tradition of “Spring Cleaning“.

This concept got me thinking back to the days before this new generation of “entitled” children were even born who seem to get away with murder, including some of them not having the dreaded responsibilities of the many chores that some of us, who are 30 and over, had to endure as we were growing up on the 80s.

So my “30 & Over project” question to you is, during the flurry of getting everything in order for the summer months to come:  

Which chores growing up did you just hate to do? Which chores did you not mind doing that much? And which chores, that if you didn’t do them and you sometimes forgot to do, would possibly catch you a beat down from your parents, if you didn’t complete them?  And which chores do you still absolutely had to do, to this day?  Do you have any appliances today that chores easier than when you were a child?

As for me, I was an only child so definitely no one to share the chores with.  My parents house was kept spectacularly clean most of the time anyway, so there wasn’t alot of mess usually.  My basic chores were to clean the second bathroom (the one I used the most), dump the trash cans all around the house, and dust the furniture.  To this day, I absolutely still hate to clean the bathroom. I don’t know what it is. I would rather wash dishes, do laundry,  wash and clean out my car, or poke my eye out before I clean the bathroom as a first choice.  Today, I have a dishwasher which helps to alleviate the stress of washing dishes; the only problem might be actually getting the dishes into the dishwasher from time to time. LOL

Please share your “30 & over” chore  stories here.


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2 thoughts on “the 30 & Over project: Spring Cleaning

  1. I am a dishes washer … it was my job as oldest daughter and it is my job as a single who lives alone. No getting around it. At home it’s a chore I put off, maybe because I’m the one looking at it. But, I love dunking my hands in sudsy water for my mother or when my grandmother was still alive. It is my special act of love when I started noticing the family would roll in, eat the food Mom or Grandmama would cook, and leave during the holidays.

  2. As an adult, I kind of like washing dishes. I like making lots of bubble and the warm water is relaxing if it’s a chilly day. I too despise the bathroom. It’s just so icky.

    I do remember when we got a dishwasher. It was the coolest thing in the world. I just had to rinse them off and stick them in this box and they will come out all shiny? Are you kidding me. That was a wonderful gift when we had 6 people in the house and everybody had school, practice and work to rush around after.

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