Please Don’t Disrespect My Organization – Be A Trailblazer and Start Your Own!

me and my line sisters, initiated October 28, 2007, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Omicron Gamma Omega Chapter, Glen Burnie, Maryland

I have not posted in quite some time, but this issue is sparking me to want to say something.  My comments have to do with this group of young gay Black men who have interest in becoming members of my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  It’s in response to an article about  “threat to sue” by these men, who consider it discrimination not to be allowed to join a SORORITY!

First let me say, I do not believe that this issue has anything to do with homophobia in any way. It’s all about  RESPECT!

The original article as posted on WKYS DC,, Gay Men Barred From Joining AKA, Inc. Threaten to File Discrimination Lawsuit :

It’s not discrimination. Right now, to me, as a member or Alpha Kappa Alpha, it’s not flattering, rather that their behavior borderlines on disrespectful.  It’s like they are making a mockery of and highjacking an organization whose members have worked hard to create a platform for African American women to grow as young women and make a difference in our communities.  Most Men or Women who wish to join Historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations know, that until you are member, the rights and privileges to show signs or wear letters is something that is afforded to you once you are invited to be initiated. As a higher education professional for 15 years,  it would seem to me that these students would do what so many other students before them have done and be trailblazers and start their own organization. And in this day and age where society seems open to the idea of more LGBT inclusion, they would take the time to capitalize on this opportunity.  I challenge these young men to do what their white gay male counterparts did years ago and build their own organization (Delta Lambda Pi It would definitely make more sense.

one of my favorite pieces of AKA artwork

I got that off my chest!

In Sisterhood! Skee-Wee!


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