blackberry images – photos from my camera’s perspective: my temporary (or contemporary) life without internet (or cable)

I admit, this isn’t the first time I’ve been without cable and internet, every time I move, this issue arises.    And as painstaking as it is to be disconnected from my social media world and my CNN (cause I love staying up to the minute on all news and pop culture), it’s going to be a minute until I can settle into a new routine until things can get back to normal……..

So, in an effort to stay connected with my blog followers, remain

Kellea, random self-portrait, nothing else to do….

relevant, and to make sure I’m making some impact in the blogosphere — while I wait to get internet service  at home (because since I moved two weeks ago, I can’t get internet access in the evening which is when I prefer to do most of my blogging and web surfing) — I have decided to keep you entertained this summer with random photos of me and other things that I find interesting since that’s the easiest thing to blog about in an instant. And since “blackberry images – photos from my camera’s perspective” was a concept I came up with a long time ago, why not seize the opportunity I have now to capitalize photo sharing with my readers.

So, I ask that you all bear with me as I make this transition during this hot summer. I’ve been having issues with technology for a few weeks now; first my laptop died, had to get a replacement, then I moved into a place that may or may not get service because of it’s location (cross your fingers that it will be able to).  And don’t get me wrong, I love the extra time to catch up on my reading (I have a whole reading list), to catch up on my hundreds of magazines, and to finally widdle down my netflix “Que” and watch some of the movies on my list, my urge to blog randomly after work and on the weekends has been stifled and writing a whole article from my smartphone only ends with a crick in my arm (what I like to call early arthritis), so posting photos with a caption becomes much, much easier.  LOL

Stay Tuned, thanks for continuing to follow, and I hope you enjoy the photos…….

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