Black DIY: making & sustaining

I’ve really been exploring the whole DIY movement lately and often, Black folks are left out of the conversation or features you see in the media.  The goal here will be to feature Black artisans, crafters, and makers in a series on lifestyle30.  I’ve also been on a personal quest to search for handmade natural skincare/hair products for myself and just kind of took this topic on as a writing project for myself. My goal is to highlight mostly Black DIY-ers who have businesses with skincare/haircare products, cooking, art, clothing, etc. that they make themselves, capturing the old school way that our people used to have to live off the land and materials available, only today, they have modernized the process and have made a business out of it for themselves to sustain themselves and their families.

6 thoughts on “Black DIY: making & sustaining

  1. Sounds like a good idea. Right now I do handmade greeting cards, fabric coveref journals and see home decor Products.

  2. Interested in sharing my hand crafted jewelry and handbag. Just did a art show with my daughter call Jewelry Transformation. Just starting a blog

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